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The Best Wooden Cello Stand You Will Find

Our Cello Cradle is influenced by the simple design motif of the Shakers. Featuring an obelisk shape shaft for clean lines and stability.

A sliding wooden safety peg through the mouth of the yoke harbors the neck of cello securely in place. Soundbox pads, inner yoke radius, and lower shaft are felt covered to protect your instrument. A bow peg is provided at the rear of the shaft. The cello cradle is crafted from your choice of several solid hardwoods. Traditional hand-rubbed oil finish. If you would like to speak personally with the craftsman that builds this or any of our products, call toll-free 1-888-783-2969, or email us at

Dimensions: Base Assembly- 20" X 21"; Height- 43"; Distance from Soundbox Pads to bottom edge of Yoke is approximately 35"

Woods: American Cherry, Black Walnut, Mahogany, and Red Oak

Shaker Style Wood Cello Stand

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